How does a hour and a half long orgasm end?

The average male orgasm lasts for 5 to 22 seconds.

If you are really high on life and are doing something that gives you immense pleasure for a lot longer, the question should be not how does it end, but how do you get there?

Last week we received a call from an elderly gentleman who was parting with some of his books.

We asked him to sort what he wanted to dispose of and let us know when he was ready.

He gave us a call today.

The haul was in a little basement room.

Science fiction, literature and pulp.

Loving collected over a lifetime.

In steel trunks for over a decade and a half.

Waiting, lingering, resting.

In this case, waiting for me to rescue and liberate them.

Going through the haul of books, I could not help but shed a few tears of joy.

Books I have not seen, ever.

Authors I have wanted to read.

All calling to be teleported to book racks and into the hands of eager readers.

I could not help but remember this by Ray Kurzweil and think I was in a time warp, breathing in spores which were nanobots leading me to a higher state of consciousness.

What I had initially estimated as thirty minutes of work, turned out to be a hour and a half long orgasm.

How did it end, well it ended in an intimidating setting.


Yes, those are vintage nutcrackers.

It ended with a stimulating conversation about love of books, loss of booksellers, letting go and the joy of knowing that the words collected will live on.

Books belong in the hands of readers, not on the shelves of hoarders.

You might resist, it is futile.

Eventually, books will find a way to eager readers.


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