Pre-loved books.

For the average mortal who wallows while evaluating options.

It is indeed an onerous but pleasurable task.

Now imagine having a book OCD.

Book ADD as well (it exists, ask me about it)

That is a little how our good republic was born.

We started with about 200 boxes of “junk” books being liquidated by a book trader (trader not lover)

A kind friend of mine from out of town sprung the cost of the lot, saying it was about the cost of a decent pair of shoes back home for him.

That was the first big buy.

Over five and a half years things have gotten a little crazier.

Most recent memory is last sunday when we were participating in a carnival organized for raising funds for a local park.

We were selling books.

I could not help myself, there was another book stall, I left with six books from there.

We sometimes come across collections when people die.

The survivors have no reason to keep the collection.

A large part of the dearly departed’s taste lives on.

Albeit fragmented by many individuals.

We sometimes buy from the recently divorced.

This shit can get nasty.

Can you imagine living with a person for years, buying books and then have to part with them because your better half wants to be a bitch.

That can really suck.

Rule of thumb is that we tell the former couple we will go through shit that they do not want.

No fucking drama and therapy when we go to buy, we are booksellers not friggin shrinks.

We sometimes buy from people leaving town.

This is usually the most pleasurable, people keep the book disposal usually to the end.

They just bring the entire collection to the store.

Sometimes they are surprised with what we have to say about certain kinds of books.

Say romance and pulp fiction standard line would go a little like this….

We will take it, but we are not going to pay for it as we will either donate it or sell it by weight.

Sometimes people are offended, fuck ’em

Most people get it though.

We love books and can not get enough of them.

We are not a garbage disposal system for pulp.

We are connoisseurs of your undesirables.

We give them an after life.

We have taste.

We buy pre-loved books.


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