A tale of two carnivals.

How does one go to run a stall in an impromptu carnival, organized by local residents for the up keep of their neighborhood park which happens to be named High Street Park?

The answer to that is really simple.

High and happy.

The first thing I notice was a little toddler walking to a tree and giving it a big hug.

She seemed high and happy.

The setting was sublime.

Trees all over, high and happy people all over.

I am still not sure if the whole thing was a conspiracy by the parents, just to have a blast.

The kids were running, falling, painting, being high and happy.

It was so high and happy that it was pissing off.

No seriously it was cool.

We got to meet the editor of a collection of short stories on Bangalore.

Do not remember the name of the author or the book need to up the memory meds 😛

Met Aashti Mudnani who runs the awesome Lightroom Bookstore.

Met a few good friends.

Had a special – on romance.


Sack of romance.

We managed to get some mike time to announce that we had a sack-o-romance on special.

The first words I think I heard was “Did I hear that there is a special on romance?”

Must have been my imagination.


Sacking the romance novels

I tried real hard to sell the whole bag but this snowy-haired woman said something about choices.

All in all the whole thing was a blast and I believe the whole bunch of people raised a sizable amount for the upkeep of the place.

Which is fucking awesome, things like these give a little hope to the cynics of the world.

There is hope.

There are people who give a fuck.

Kind of like ‘The Zero Marginal Cost Society’, by Jeremy Rifkin, only thing right here, right now.


Organizers of some of the stalls.

Almost forgot, this was supposed to be a tale of two carnivals.

The other one happened in Whitefield.


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