Existential crisis.

Every once in a while every individual comes across a pivotal moment in ones life, the decision you make will transform your life which ever way you choose, how in the world would a book seller ever have an existential crisis? Bookselling is supposed to be bliss if you are a book lover right?



existential crisis

The crisis we face on a daily basis is which books make it to the store and which books go to a new library project that we are in the process of starting which will be much bigger that the little indie store that we run, everyday. Rule of thumb is the more serious non fiction books which are hard to replace are direct candidates for the library, literature we select the ones that we really love and in some really difficult cases we flip a coin.

It’s a kinda like in John Fowles’s The French Lieutenant’s Woman. He separates the Victorian view of things: One cannot have this forever therefore one is miserable and the modern existential view: One has this for the moment therefore one is happy. It is really absurd to have any pretensions of existential contentment in “whatever”. One could be more comfortable with a modern – not Victorian form of intimacy, which may make it easier to seriously consider bumping uglies in a public place when in a heightened state of urgency under the influence rather than follow a traditional way of just saying that you really dig the woman and would like to see her for some time to come, well at least as long as you realistically can, proximity and area codes do matter.

In the end love is the only thing that really matters.

Existential crisis.


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