A slow or stupid person

Regardless of your accepting the fact or not, you had a know-it-all period prior to your reading addiction. You were under the impression that you had an open mind, dintcha? You were the shit, you thought a lot, you knew so much more than the average idiot, you had an immense world view, you knew how shit happens, you knew a lot about life.

And then you took up reading.

Perhaps your initial forages were crappy first choices, yes admit it everyone makes mistakes, your first attempt at Ulysses by James Joyce left you choking or drowning or worse still sleeping, the beauty of a book is that you can leave a book mark in it, set it aside and when the time is right you will be drawn to it, to dive in once more, this time with your eyes a little open, just a little, not yet time to get ahead of yourself.

Then something magical happened, a book was suggested or perhaps a strange sounding author who you have never heard of was mentioned, you get the book, that one book which hits your sweet spot and you my friend are hooked.

No addiction that you have, can give you so much rapture, ever. A little crack became visible in your tower of knowledge, perhaps something you truly thought as a fact was no more such a certainty. You begin to realize how little you actually know. That fact alone should make you seek more, you do not know enough, start the walk on the path away from ignorance, head towards the light, there is so much more to know.

Now that you realize how empty your mind is, this is where the fun part starts, you need to feed it with more shit, yes. Regardless of what it is that is going in, it is helping you (ok seriously I think some stuff just causes brain damage but that is matter for another post)

People, words, love, loss, unimaginable conversations, unfathomable interactions, lives you have not led but you have experienced, weird shit, twisted shit, history.

Perhaps you might have new found emotions that never existed earlier and yet you now feel strongly about, say you are a dickhead and you somehow find your self reading Seeing Like a Feminist by Menon Nivedita?


With this playing.


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