Hrnm, where to begin?

Lets start with the fallout of last weekend, two fucking things stood out.

1. I have noticed that I am an asshole with a zero tolerance for peoples shit.

2. There is a guitar in the store which is cool and all but looks like a fucking prop, its a bookstore dammit, if we wanted a musical instrument as a prop we would have a cathedral fucking pipe organ.

1. Elderly mustached customer’s mustache made to defy gravity.


Gravity defying mustache

Monday fucking morning is monday fucking morning.

I do not want to make new friends on a monday fucking morning.

Elderly mustached customer walks into my personal zone and starts talking loudly.


Two and a half sentences into his monologue I stop him.

Sir, it is a monday morning, less is always better (I mimic a hand closing a zipp, over my lips – the universal symbol for zipp it?)

Now, can I be of any assistance? (smile)

He makes a query about his membership, selects a book and while leaving meets Amit, the guy who runs the place.

He says hello friend, your colleague does not want to be my friend.

Before leaving he comes back and asks me what’s up.

I work in a library as conversation is restricted to a bare minimum,

I do not like people,

I seek silence,

I like reading,

I do not like listening to peoples shit,

I am mildly anti-social,

It’s me, I am the one with a problem, not you.

Assumption 1. Librarians are therapists.

Assumption 2. Librarians do not have a bite.


2. There is a guitar at the store from last fridays event.

A customer asks me today if the guitar is mine and if he can play it.

I say no it is not my guitar and no he could not touch it.

Another customer says I am a musician and I have to show my talent.

Fucking presumptuous little prick.

I say that I donot have any musical talent worth mentioning, oh wait I have a failed attempt with the violin.

I am currently wondering if I replace the guitar with a bloody chain saw what would be the fucking




With this playing gently in the background.



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