Sometimes sick shit goes down in bookstores.

Following advice which was given a little over a year ago from a dear friend of the republic, we started a little experiment in showing the public that we actually give a fuck about we are doing by giving birth to a Kekkai  🙂 :O in our subterranean labyrinth of books. We dubbed this little fucker… “By the book at Goobes” We have had the pleasure of hosting a little over 10 events with some serious indie talent. Want to know what happened this time?

For starters I was pissed with the publisher who had sent copies of The case of the secretive sister by Nilanjan P. Choudhury. They were saying I needed to send my “boy”to the courir office in somefuckingpalayam, fuck is that even in this damned great state. Nilanjan kindly organized that to happen. Disaster averted.

The band arrives a little lateish and soundcheck happened.


Kuru circus screeching sound check.


I was well a little shocked at the decibel levels, but i fucking loved the strangeness of the act.

This was happening when the author had to have started his reading, but actually had started his first taste of the chaos we live with everyday.


Nilanjan P. Choudhury “reading” at Goobes.



After reading the awesome A gardener in the wasteland by Srividya Natarajan Nilanjan comes up to me and says, hey this is a great book, to which the response was yes, it is an awesome book and should be curriculum in all schools. No kidding, everyone should read it and open their blinded  eyes.

Nilanjan then read from his second book The case of the secretive sister and hammered it just perfectly. He then took a few questions which ended quite peacefully.


Nilanjan P. Choudhury, Kuru Circus, The Case of the Secretive Sister

IMG_20141128_200614007 (1)

“I think CB sucks ass  and should be boiled in pig turd soup”

A lady came in asking if this was the place where the “Disco Puppet” was to be performing to which we replied- Disco-Puppet-system-crash-puppet-show-cancelled in a drone like voice.

The lady looks at me while tilting her head a bit to one side (hokay am i speaking to a crazy person look)

PK repeats what I said and said seriously his system did crash.

Smoke break.

Then began the strangeness.

The kuru circus orchestra – lite, started and damn, like I said this is some really strange shit.

We do not have the entire footage yet but here is a little clip (there is a load of cussing and some sort of stoner art)

We have 5 signed copies of the Kuru chronicles which are really beautiful and check out the case of the swisted tister by Nilanjan.

Indies rock bitches.


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