make (an urban or desert area) more verdant by planting trees or other vegetation.

Giving a shit sometimes requires a little bit of introspection. How can we make the whole bloody place (wherever-the-fuck-you-live) better? How can an individual make a change? Is it even possible for an individual to make a difference? But the whole world is fucked anyway, why should little ol me give a fuck?

Come, give me your fertile non judgemental minds.

It takes a little bit of foresight, a little bit of empathy (for the world and humanity-not your insignificant individual self).  That’s it. The first suggestion is to use your local public transport system as much as possible. The second best thing we would  recommend is if you live within 5-10 klicks from your work place, use a bicycle, you get a work out, you are pumped by the time you reach work and your sex life improves by leaps and bounds (verified by a careful process of personal observation over the years :))

The next level would be to go electric. If you do not have access to Tesla’s awesome vehicles in your hood, tough toenails. They will come eventually, apparently it is a supply problem with the batteries, which is limiting access. Fret not there are a bunch of genuiuses who are working on the issue. In the mean time there are other options in this wonderful land of mysteries we have a really crappy looking overpriced 4 wheeler called the Reva (Ándale arriba – drop your prices already) The next best option would be an electric scooter. Prices are dropping and there are options from Hero, Mahindra and a bunch of Chinese assembled fuglies.

Last weekend 3 batteries saved my ass, yes I was going home fucked out of my skull on my bike and was stopped at a drunk-ass-driving-check-post, I could feel the beginings of a panic attack, slowed down by the man and said “battery-battery-battery-battery” that is the code word for electric-vehicle-which-are-not-subject-to the local DMV regulations, your ass has equal rights as a bicyclist. (kids drinking effects your riding skills so do not repeat this – it was a one off experiment to test the limits of the void)

Want to take it to another level once you have your green wheels?

Install a solar array on your terrace, be smug and self aware that yes, you are holier-than-thou and are now off the grid (while it comes to commuting at least.)


Go Green

p.s. our landlord kicks ass he has a 10KV solar grid on the roof, so technically we are off the grid at work too 🙂


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