noun: size.

The relative extent of something; a thing’s overall dimensions or magnitude; how big something is.

Think of the first thing that comes to mind while you think of the word…. BAM, that’s it. Now think of your self holding that big thing. Now remember, this just might be a shameless pitch to sell the biggest book we have in the store… but then this post is about size.
Quite some time back, in the first year of opening Goobes we purchased a really big book. It was a beautiful heavyweight by Taschen, Leornado da Vinci The complete paintings and drawings by Frank Zollner. That baby was picked up by probably our biggest customer, you know who you are.
Leornado da Vinci_by_Frank_Zollner, Leornado_da_Vinci_The_complete_paintings_and_drawings_by_Frank_Zollner.

Leornado da Vinci The complete paintings and drawings by Frank Zollner.

Last week one of the regular supplier dudes walked into the store and was asking too much for a book. We have been running this place for a little over five and a half years and had not yet bought a big book of the Kama Sutra with images, they are usually big ticket items and dammit we have a limited budget most of the time. However, this time we had the budget and we got the damned fucker. It comes in a big beautiful box, yes it has its own box. It has a beautiful silk (or is it satin) ribbon.

Kama Sutra illustrated.

This book is the shit when it comes to sexuality. It is over two thousand years old. Really bloody famous till the damned brits came over and gave us their shitty Victorian value system, left and evolved, leaving us in a time warp.
Fucking assholes.
Now they come and buy this shit as tourists, ironic?
Back to the pitch about the book. This is not just a pretty picture book, it also has text which is carefully accompanied with images. Your better half will not be able to get away with the “honey, you know I donot read” line, this not so little fucker comes with images. Might make a damned good gift for a newly hitched couple. Word of advise, this book cannot accompany your six month jaunt across India to assist you and your partners bad-ass-sleeping-positions, some of them are really not possible humanly unless your partner can morph like a pretzel,  besides this book is just too damned heavy.
This one is a keeper.
Kama_Sutra, Kama_Sutra_illustrated,

Kama Sutra illustrated

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