Spring Clean.

gerund or present participle: spring-cleaning
clean (a home or room) thoroughly.
“it was Veronica who spring-cleaned the flat”
Today we had a brother and sister (who have the same family name but one of them chooses to spell it differently) drive by the store in a car with a boot and back seat full of books. I ask the good folks if they are selling or making a donation. They say donation, we say thank you and start taking the books down the stairs to the store. Quite a few trips later I ask the two of them what’s the deal with them letting go of their books.

The guy answers that it is a spring clean, I say thank you and the guy says he’s happy that more people would have access to the books as compared to having them at home. I mention that we have over 150 library customers out of which about 20 come regularly, so yes a lot more people would have access to the books. He says maybe he can take a library membership so they can come and borrow the books they have given. See the thing is no one likes a wise ass, but this case was an exception, they were making a donation of books. No conditions. I offer a years membership paid up in full for the two of them they both smile and say they will come back with more books.
Thank you kind souls, your books are being processed into the republic.

Spring Clean


So are you ready to have your Winter-Spring clean?


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