On working with your hands.

Lets face it, most of you folks who are going to be reading this work with your fingers or tongues. The most straightforward way to correct this anomaly is to work with your hands. One possible way could be to grown something at home, yes you can have a balcony garden as well.

We work with our hands almost on a daily basis, we buy books and we love feeding our obsession.

Sometimes we have walkins who ask if we trade books, which we do.

Sometimes the selection is small (small enough to fit into a rucksack)

Sometimes backpacks full of books. 🙂

Sometimes in suitcases that require assistance down the stairs into a new home.

Sometimes we get to go to customers houses if the selection is big enough.

Sometimes big fucking warehouses full of big boxes full of books (this is truly heaven)

Imagine yourself in a box full of books that you hadto plunge into literally.

Using your hands, people that work in the place look at you, the fool drowning in ecstasy.

Work with your hands for a bit.

Come on over if you want to join in on the fun.

working with your hands.

Working with your hands.


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