Book stores are urban scantuaries.

Call it what you might, heaven, islands, titalopia, love, whatever. Bookstores are sanctuaries for minds and in our case a little more. Hah, you lie. Nay, we lie not. Our store is in a basement (yes, we are an underground library).

Wild life of the human kind walks in on a daily basis.


This is what cave women looked like right? Paleo.

Thanks to having a tonne of books, there is a pre-selection on the kind of people that walk in, most are nice and soft spoken, some who bargain are what we consider beastly animals.

On the street in front of our store there are 3 trees and how we cherish their shade and life.

Butterflies are a regulars, they usually come in when some really groovy music is on, land somewhere for a bit and take flight again.

A couple of times they fly onto the cash desk and i really do not know how to say this but, it is magical, time freezes.

There has been a cyclone which has kind of been hitting us for the last couple of days (minor, not swimming floods). We have our fingers crossed and am going to get insurance pronto for acts of god (would i be inclining towards agnosticism than atheism?)

I digress, this is about being a sanctuary, Quasimodo is welcome to visit anytime.

A couple of days back a pigeon landed on the entrance of the store. It just landed there and was chillin, this fucker.

wildlife at goobes

wildlife at goobes

Now I really have no issues with that, but about five minutes later i had to head out and the dude was still zoning out man.

So I started walking up the stairs unhurriedly and right till i was past the dude it was all cool.

Then as if it was awakening from a state of gazing into nothingness while thinking of ones beloved, blink, he hopped outta the store and flew away. (no requirement for CUPA or my usual animal loving folks)

Then today there was a little furry visitor, this little dude.


wildlife at goobes

I found him when I was leaving the store and he was just doing the crouching tiger or hidden ostrich, which one I am not sure, he was scared shitless.

I ask my colleague to take a book and carefully keep it near the tree, if it had fallen, its bloody parents might as well take responsibility for it. I do not want to adopt, right now, I want my own. There are a few wild fuckers at home already happy on a cherry tree, thank you very much.

We get some chai to celebrate our act of kindness, I had no wishes at any point of time cooking it, serious.

Then we heard communication.

A shriek followed by an echo from upstairs, hooray the parents have arrived.

Do I need to repeat that we are an urban sanctuary?


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