Wanna be uber sexy?

Read Dammit!

Take my word on this one. Past a certain amount of animalistic attraction, having a decent vocabulary and something to talk about besides the usual – sports, popular culture or mass media dictated bullshit can be a real turn on. Think about it, what are most people exposed to… Bullshit and tonnes of it.

You read? You have an upper hand.

Do not read? You my friend might want to change that post haste, unless you want to be stuck in a void reacting like a neanderthal who has an urge for a crotch scratch at every sighting of someone you find attractive .

Wren and Martin?

Fuck that shit, if you are in school and have a requirement for following it, so be it.

Read anything, read like a whore who is in a frenzy while working and not faking it.

Reading and reading alone can have a neat side effect, your vocabulary, spelling and grammar proficiency increase painlessly.

Yeah. That and more, much more comes from reading.

Listen smugly the next time something comes up in the surrounding conversation about the IPL or the premier leagues.

Switch of your hearing, think about how much better off you would be if you had a book with you and you could escape from pedantic plebeian conversations.

Next time that cute person you are gunning for talks about some current popular culture stuff, say the Game of thrones tv series.

Wet their pants by feeding them tidbits from the books, words can be magical compared to titillating images on the idiot box/screen.

Peer into your beloved’s eyes real time while you make them cry by giving them the ending, which you smugly already know since you read all the Martin’s tomes.

In a relation ship and finding your self in a void, not being able to talk to your beaux about anything other than the beautiful mundane stuff?

Fuck that shit, there is a whole lot more that can be fodder or fire, read.

Clueless about the opposite sex?

Fuck the regular men are from penis and women are from mars.

Go to your book seller or librarian and ask for a book on the female/male brain.

Read it.

Start seeing things that are happening with a knowing smile, you already know this was going to happen and you know how to react. Without looking like a deer, blinking, awaiting the impact of your beau’s fury due to the fact that you just do not fucking get them.

Reading will make you uber sexy.

reading is uber sexy

Still from the reader.


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