Road trip to the Electronic City Literature Festival.

I really wanted to go for last years event but could not as it was kind of in a different city. This year I had the time and access to a truck which I could drive to this distant city. Did I want to see a particular author? Fuck no. Did I want to participate? Fuck no. Why the fuck would one want to go? Fuck, I do not know. Maybe bitching rights? Maybe I felt a need to represent the store.

The first advantage of having it at this venue is (there is an awesome toll road where you can break all kinds of speed limits)

I asked 7 different people to join in on our road trip (one agreed – i am going to think it is because of the riots expected due to  Jayalalitha’s imprisonment, not the fantastic commute.)

So we reached the place and were looking for a place to smoke, too many fucking guards.

We walked around, pretty lights in the trees (industrial light and magic? disney?)

Food court, yeah right come all the way and stuff our faces? No-fucking-way.

Walk to the programme area.

Stage with four people debating about some world-changing-inconsequential bullshit.

Cannot stand the cackling, leave the area.

See author Zac Oh Yeah.

Say Hello.

Ask if he would like to smoke?

Leave the venue to a public area. (we are considerate)


Meet Indrajit Hazra, young man from Calcutta (he mentioned this 3 times in 5 minutes)

He has written 3 books and has agreed to come for a launch of his next book to our store.

He talks about some of his books.

Zac talks about his next book? (did he? I was really bombed when we had this conversation)

Paranoia seeps in (strange looking vehicle with stranger looking goons inside)

Walk back to the stage, apparently there is going to be music.

There will always be music.

Shubha Mudgal takes too fucking long with the sound check.

Subliminal messaging “Bangalore Literature Festival” (people need to be reminded of the far away city that is claiming to be host of this event.

MC apologises twice, why do they not just shut the fuck up (or play background music)

Music starts.

Beautiful voice.

Can not take more than one song, decide on leaving at the end of the first song.

First song does not seem to want to end.

Leave the Electronic City Literature Festival. (barf bag included for the ride home)

Next year if you are planing on using the name Bangalore for your festival, make sure it is in Bangalore, OK?

barf bag

Take a barf bag for the long ride.


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