Romance is dead, but incase you are hurting we got you covered.

We have been bitching and moaning for the last year that at our store romance is dead, the body has decomposed and has been disposed of clinically. Well, here we go one more time romance is fucking dead. What we mean by this is that our romance section has been given the big fuck off. No mills and boons, no georgette heyer and we are going to put that last copy of twilight on a stake soon. Now going a little bit further there are so many books which have been inspired by love, some of them are just awesome. The thing with love is sometimes it can be so overwhelming and beautiful, but occasionally leaves you like road kill or a dichotomized body from a shark attack.

Basically you feel really fucked.

Here comes the interesting part.

You are not the only person in the world who has or is suffering.

Lo and behold to aid you through your suffering, you can read yourself to recovery.

And in case you are not interested in that right about now we have a couple of books on the subject of recovery say how to avoid certain traps, kinds of personalities, how not to take shit and how to get yourself back in order.

Then you might then have an epiphany, that this too shall pass.

In the mean time head to your local independent book store and in case it happens to be our store, please do not ask for fucking romance.


No more hurting.


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