An equivalent of an apple.

Hopefully it is no secret that we buy pre loved books, we have a regular ebb and flow of customers who bring us their papery possessions which hopefully find new happy hands and eyes. Some people come on a regular basis. There is this elderly gentleman who comes and sells us books on a regular basis (I am pretty sure before retiring he used to sell books for a living and is now selling for either the love or kicks. Fact is he is a sweet old man.

Today while he was unpacking his goodies he took out a plastic bag full of guavas.

He looks at me and says these are not for you.

He then smiles, opens the bag and gives me one.

The first image that came to mind that this is the equivalent of a teacher getting an apple. (for you turds that are thinking about the brand – FUCK YOU).


An equivalent of an apple.


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