How much longer are you going to be around?

I got this question last weekend from a man who studied in the UK and is sad about the state over there, with independent book stores closing down and Amazon sucking most book sales like a giant vaccum cleaner (can you even begin to hear the sound of that). We get it as retailers we need to turn over our inventories as quickly as possible, the thing with love is you cannot hurry it.

Customers want new best-selling titles, we stock classics and hidden gems.

We sell to a selective audience, we are independent and know our customers by face and taste.

We have no branches, we did, but dont any more, if you want some of this you need to come to our store.

Popular trends, fuck that, we talk to our customers and carefully curate our books.

Chains might be closing or stocking shit, we are growing we just had our best month ever a couple of months ago.

Websites stock everything, actually they do not. We curate with love and are human beings try and interact with us using a mouse and see what happens.

Websites give better discounts, well if it is discounts that you want get the fuck out of our republic and wank off on your keyboard.

If you do not have a book, I can get it online what is the difference. We are human beings not programmes or VC funders or Wall Street funded giants. We do requests though.

We are small, independent and love doing what we do.

We will be here for a little longer.




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