Debussy or de Beethoven?

The thing with music without lyrics is that at times you find something so beautiful that you just want to listen to that one song, on and on.

A little like being in love all you see is your Venus’s mug, over and over till it hurts.

In the last 24 hours this interruption has happened twice.

Claude Debussy’s (yes Debussy’s) Clair de lune.

Thing is that next on the playlist is Beethoven’s moonlight sonata and it keeps coming on interrupting Debussy.


Debussy over deBeethoven anyday.

First time was last night when one gentleman recognized the moonlight sonata and said aaa….

Fuck, I need to change the song back.

Why did you stop the song?

Yes I know it is kind of like killing a cute little pocket pig with a medieval morningstar straight to the head.


I changed it because I want to hear it, again.

The second time was today.

An elderly gentleman (loud old toad)

Came in talking about reading about us in the papers here

Starts asking how are things and then keeps browsing while talking.

Thing is Debussy is so awesome.

The volume control is so close by…

Man returns asking about an author.

Song changes back to Beethoven.

The man goes humming to the tune.

I want to change the song now.

Right fucking now.

Debussy over de Beethoven, anyday.


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