Happy places.

We all have our happy places, you know where you go to just because they make you happy in some inexplicable way. In our case these places usually have a lot of books. Its not that we are obsessive when it comes to books, ok we are uber obsessive. Its not that they have to be there so we can grab them and start masticating immediately. Its just that they are there, reassuringly they are there.

A couple of days ago I was at the Humming tree, I went for a piss and a familiar face walked into the loo took the urinal next to me and said “this is my happy place”.

I was not sure if he was referring to the urinal or the tree, either which ways I smiled.

Last night I found myself in a new environment, a party for a birthday and a farewell for 2 different friends.

Besides stressing the fuck out about recharging my bike as the place was far out, all was well.

The first thing while walking into the place was a big beautiful wall covering book rack filled with books. Thing is when this happens you immediately know you are going to like people around the place, readers are typically soft-spoken and inquisitive.

There were a whole bunch of people all over the place having a good time, I found my happy place in the kitchen. Food being prepared, liquor close by for mind numbing comfort.

Everyone needs a third place besides home and work, the sooner you find it the happier you will be.

Think of the places you go to regularly, where you meet new people, old friends and acquaintances as well.

Think of a place which gives you a sense of community and gives you a feeling of love.

Now that you have figured out your place, go there and grow.

happy_places_goobes, Third_place_goobes.

Happy place, third place.


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