The sweetest thing I have heard, ever.

Bookstores can sometimes be places where people are at their weakest.

Please do not be alarmed about this fact.

Think about the setting.

You love books.

You are surrounded by books.

Even the smell of old books gets your knees a little weak.

Thanks to these conditions, we can be up to our no good best.

At times we might slip a little bit on our deepest darkest secrets.

Some time back a customer was talking about Robertson Davies says.

I have all of his books (he has written 3 trilogies) and have gone through four.

I am saving the rest at one a year, so I can extend the joy of reading his works.

Happy belated birthday.



One thought on “The sweetest thing I have heard, ever.

  1. I went on a pilgrimage to Thamsville, Ontario, on the occasion of RD’s 100th birthday. Sent myself an RD postcard from the post office. Visited his birth home, met the current owner. Had a thoroughly enjoyable day. He is my literary hero.

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