Sometimes when we are bored…

Being a librarian is an awesome job to have.

We check out books, we buy books and sometimes we burn books.

Sometimes we get to ask a member what they think of a book that is being returned.

Sometimes we take a peek into our big red book.

Big red book? You mean like a big red book?

Yes, we are old school because we are bad ass.

We have big registers as a record of borrowings from the republic.

Sometimes we take a peek into pages, history of the progress of a mind burrowing through our selection.

Fuck mini lists which are a passing fad on Facebook.

This is the mother-load.

Sometimes you see patterns.

Sometimes you see chaos.

Sometimes you see traces of madness.

Sometimes you see obsession.

Ah, this is a little like looking into a persons mind.

This just to pass time?




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