Odd interaction?

An elderly gentleman, a repeat customer of ours returns, selects some books and heads to the desk.

The books total up to 400, I tell the man if he crosses 500 he will get a 20% discount.

He says give me the discount now, i’ll buy more the next time.

I will not remember.

I will remind you.

I do not want to be reminded, we have a policy and it sticks.

A pair of long legs returns to pay for some previously selected books and thankfully waits.

The man goes to select another book to make up the difference.

The lady pays for the book, smiles and leaves.

The man is back, gets his books billed and then asks me if we buy books.

I say yes we do, non fiction and literature especially.

He says he wants to keep those books dearly and sell his pulp.

(Sure, dammit we’ll take pulp fucking reluctantly)

I then give him his books and he reaches to grab the book I am reading which was on my lap.

Hellou? Personal Zone violation.

That book is mine sir.

I know, I wanted to check it out.

I smile and give him the book, he looks at the front, flips to the back mumbles the contents of the first blurb and stops at a word.


He eyeballs me and gives me a look of disappointment.

The book was Doomed by our beloved Chuck Palahniuk.

We read weird lit, like it or not, bitches.



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