Avoiding the twilight zone.

All of you kiddies who enjoyed the books and movies, I am not talking about that crap.

Ye older folks might be smiling right about now, yes The twilight zone.

One of the advantages of being a book seller is that most of the folks that stumble into our den are inquisitive.

Good right? 

Well right and wrong.

The fact remains that we are open to the public, which means sometimes shit gets crazy.

Repeat customer walks in – immediate freeze frame memory brings back a bad vibe, I feel a twitch beginning, I ignore it.

Have my friend sit at the desk while I go for lunch.

I come back, he is still there.

He comes to the desk with some books and asks for a discount, 

I immediately remember I made an exception to the rule for a discount – we give a 20% discount when the bill is above 500, trust me some times shit gets really insane.

I regret my earlier mistake and now have to pay for it, the man has a crazy sparkle in his eye – you know, the one which makes you want to run away… thing is I cant run, I need to deal with this shit.

I say we give a discount of 20% if the bill crosses 500/-

He says I want a discount and gives a slight smile and his crazy eyes are well, still crazy.

I repeat we give a discount of 20% if the bill crosses 500/-

He repeats I want a discount.

I tell him I am not going to repeat myself and ask him to leave the store, nicely.

He stands there looking a little surprised.

I say either you do not understand what I am saying or you are a crazy person, either which ways you need to leave.

He blinks, still looks a little surprised and just stands there looking at me, blinking.

I say leave now, I do not want your money.

He finally relents pays for the books.

If you ever find your self in a situation where you have to repeat your self more than twice realize this, you are very close to the twilight zone.

Logic says quick, get out quick.

You know you are treading dangerous unchartered dimensions.

The outcomes will certainly be bizarre and are not for the faint hearted.

You smile to your crazy little insignificant self and ask your self one question.

Do you feel lucky today?

Close your eyes, smile,  jump into the void.






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