Japenese Dosa chef in a book store.

Book stores are great places to meet people, the beauty of the setting is the fact that people come in for books, they come in with a thirst or just with an intention of being entertained by browsing or sometimes finding something they may or may not have been looking for.

Some time back (june 2010) a jolly Japanese man came in to the store asking for a recipe book on Dosas. Yes, we did have a book for the man. The thing with Mitsuru is he had this warm glow of energy coming out of him when he just uttered the word Dosa. This kind of joy is hard to see and when you are in the presence of it you need to feed it with love.

I took him to our neighbourhood Darshini and introduced him to the owner. Mitsuru promptly crossed a barrier where regular customers never cross and went to the dosa plate. He looked at the owner while smiling and pointing to the ladle with the dosa batter, the owner smiled and Mitsuru got an impromptu dosa making session.

He came back to the store later and took a photo.

So why after all these years am I writing about this interaction?

Mitsuru walked into our store today smiled took out this photo from 201020140815_142959

I immediately remembered his visit to the store and his interest in dosas.

He takes out a card and smiles while saying he has a dosa cart and now a dosa restaurant in Japan. Now this news has just fucking made my day. If you are in Japan do check his dosa joint out. Japanese dosa man

japenese dosa man card

Or if you are no where near Japan, check out his site masaladosa.jp 🙂


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