Joys of working in a place open to the public.

Well most of the time we love our work and sometimes we really, really, really just get the feeling we are not really at work but are just at a place passing time getting entertained. Sounds like fun right, well it kind of is.

One of our regular customers is in the house as we speak. He has been diagnosed with dengue and is apperently either under some really good drugs or is just delirious from the virus.

Either which ways the conversation is fun.

I am going to be in the hospital for about fourteen days and donot want to see depressed sad people.

Take a couple of books, keep your mind occupied and escape from depressing thoughts.

Please turn down the volume ( Dvořák: Symphony No. 9 blazing in the background)

You donot like classical music?

No the dengue has made me really sensitive and this music is killing me.

We being kind caring individuals chuckle and turn down the joy a bit.

I have a face book girlfriend.

Oh, that’s pretty cool.

No its not, all she wants to do is talk, talk talk….

Blah, blah, blah…. “why did you let the mosquito bite you?” blah, blah, blah,

Hrn (what do I say – perhaps silence is an option)

Please sir take a seat, have a look at these books.

I went through past life therapy for kicks and had someone watch to see what happens.

I was Aurengzeb, he goes on for a bit about what a bad ass mughal he was.

A thousand times good night – husband to a wife – Romeo and Juliet. (he opens one of the books given and shows the quote at the beginning of the book)

The guy points out to the line covering “night” and says that would be the case for lovers for a husband and wife it would be replaced with “we fight”

You should write sir, if a dude like Chetan Bhagat can write – anyone can.

Why so serious?

We do live in a mad, bad world. When you have the time and someone comes to you for your attention, listen, be kind you might just enjoy the conversation.

Goobe’s book republic – giving free listening therapy since 2009.



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