On the friend-twilight zone.

Today is apparently friendship day, fucking yeah, woohoo.

The winner of the most difficult position to be in at any point of time in your life would be if you were to be caught in the friend zone.

What is the friend zone?

A popular culture definition would be where there is a platonic relationship where one person (usually a man-is in this case the bitch) wants to enter into a romantic or sexual relationship while the other is reluctant.

(Green butterfly with black dots comes in to say hello-hello busserfly)

green butterfly

Essentially this is a torturous place to be especially if you are madly in love and the object of your affections is within close physical range with you on a constant basis.

If you were born catholic this might just be up your alley as you have been conditioned to accept suffering already.

In some cases you might find your self seeing and saying really strange things like whatever-whenever-wherever, upon saying these things or seeing a situation you begin to think that this is just so fucking weird like you are in the twilight zone.

What are you to do about it?

Well, knowing a little bit about the human condition the only thing I can say is – suffer and enjoy the experience of the suffering.

Say you are fucking someone and you are thinking you are fucking someone else? Fucking twisted right? Wrong?

My heart goes out to you, you poor fool.

The next thing I can say when in doubt, read a book, a good one to read in your condition would be Torture the Artist by Joey Goebel. Your predicament might not seem that bad any more. Read while listing to Van Cliburn’s performing Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1, B-flat minor, its a good performance.

Friend-zone willy wonka


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