Giselle and a hardbound Electric Feather.

The wee hours of the night are the best time to get some heavy reading done. With the assistance of a bit of music, the experience takes on a whole new dimension.

The thing with living in a bubble avoiding the mass media and just reading books that land up at the store, sometimes randomly something good comes up. In this case the book caught my attention as it had a piece by our beloved Jeet-we worship him seriously.

It is a collection of south Asian erotica, its been sometime since I have read something funky and currently I am facing problems focusing so it fits perfectly.

The first piece by Sumit Basu titled – The wedding night is well not quite something one would find at a wedding night – hope maybe, find – doubtful. It kind of gives a happy twist to being in the friend zone.

The advocate sheds some light on how beautifully fucked up lawyers can be or anyone for that matter, communal tensions, a shocking internship into manhood.Electric-Feather-

Paromita Vohra’s Tourists is well kind of a mindfuck at the same time very sensual, it involves two people time travelling after one of them sucks the chocolate off the others finger.

Jeet Thayil’s “Missing Person Last Seen” well is just plain and simple sexy. For those who have had the pleasure of meeting the man or hearing his music can hear a few lines jump out in your mind, like he is actually speaking to you.

All in all we would highly recommend this book to all people, maybe even a wedding or anniversary gift, maybe something to share with your lover?


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