I am number four by Pittacus Lore

Nineteen souls manage to escape the total destruction of their home planet Lorien, Nine children, little more than toddlers, sent to Earth to remain in hiding until their Legacies – special awesome powers and abilities that will allow them to fight Lorien’s conquerors – develop. All the hope for that lifeless planet but once beautiful, is wrapped up in these children, now teenagers who barely remember Lorien at all.

Those who sent the nine to Earth were well aware that the evil, dark and menacing destroyers of their planet, warriors of the Mogadorian race, would surely follow. The children are each hidden on Earth with an adult chaperon, someone who can guide them about their powers. They are separated, each moving frequently and having absolutely no contact with each other for their own saftey. The senders did all they could to protect the precious group, binding them and shielding them with the most powerful of Loric charms. The children can only be killed in a specific order. If a Mogadorian attempts to harm a child out of sequence the damage will bounce off the intended victim and destroy the Mogadorian instead.

Number One died four years after reaching the Earth, when Number Four was nine-years-old. Number Two followed three years later. Now Number Four is fifteen, attending high school in Florida and living under the name Daniel Jones. A new scar has just appeared on his ankle, the third such scar. It means Number Three has died. It means Number Four is next. It means it’s time to run – again…

The dialogue is stilted and overall the level of the writing (is above average). This book could be compared to some of the better works of Michael Crichton. One could quite become completely lost in the world of the book.

I am number four Pittacus Lore

I am number four Pittacus Lore


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