I Am David by Anne Holm

If you want a book to teach a kid about self respect, love, forgiveness and faith this is the book you have been looking for. If not it is still one hell of a story.

David is brought up in a prison concentration camp surrounded only by adults who were deceptive or broken down with the exception of a few genuine inmates who seemed to be hiding a secret from him. David is a kind person by nature who feels a strong need to help people without asking for any returns, without consciously know all the time he is performing acts of kindness.

After escaping from the concentration camp, David proceeds with his arduous journey towards the Nazi free country of Denmark always insisting on remaining true to himself, and keeping a clear conscience – thereby remaining who he is.

The beauty of this story lies in the way that it does not directly tell of the courage of David, but simply portrays him as just another human being who is confused about the happenings around him but who is nevertheless determined to attain complete freedom away from the evils of that lie within the concentration camp. In the process of describing the various events that David encounters, the author uses the contrast of the other characters’ thoughts and feelings to fully reflect the implicit courage and beauty of David’s noble character. This greatly increases the realism and credibility of David’s character, and would in short, be one of the most remarkable strokes of bringing a character to life.

Read the transformation of a victim into a human, possible tear jerker.

It is probably the best children’s novel, ever.

 I Am David by Anne Holm


One thought on “I Am David by Anne Holm

  1. I think it is one of the most brilliant articulated children’s story that i have ever come across and study for literature purposes.
    It is a story of extraordinary self confidence and strong faith in his own abilities and skills he has, in orde to survive.

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