Graham Greene’s The End of the Affair

This is a story of a woman lost between two men (Quelle Horreur!), a husband and a lover, told from the lover’s point of view. The plot is very dramatic and the characters are unwittingly and wittingly involved in sadly one of the most common human predicaments – animalistic urges.

Greene’s style is absolutely delicious. There is not a single word or an activity wasted, and the tale is beautifully and compellingly told. This book is an amazing example of the finest literary composition, and and at times the understated manner in which these three character’s psychologies play together to enmesh the hearts of two men and the life of the woman is just plain and simply beautiful. This is also a spiritual novel, asking questions and at the same time attempting answers. And throughout, there is a strong sense of realism that one does not normally find in most romantic novels.

The characters seem to be real persons, whose lives are not dramatic or dramatized, but related in all their smallness, their dissatisfaction, their quest for understanding, and that inexplicable yearning for something more. This small book is extremely satisfying and haunting read. Anyone planning to write fiction, particularly romance (not that silly faffy fluffy titillating romance, but something meaningful), should become acquainted with this novel. It tells so much so very well. Enjoy!

Graham Greene's The End of the Affair


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