Thanks for the Mammaries by Sarah Darmody

Half the world has them. Some of us have lost them. Some of us would like to. The rest of us can’t stop looking at them! Breasts unite women in a way few other things can, and these entertaining stories from some of the world’s most popular female authors celebrate bosoms great and small, with all royalties donated to breast cancer research. Explore the dark, sexy underbelly of Paris with Kate Holden, enjoy a fractured fairy tale from Meg Rosoff, let Jools Oliver share her warm tales of breastfeeding her babies with a very famous Naked Chef, and enjoy Kathy Lette’s “Ode to Barbie” as well as Maggie Alderson’s imaginings of walking a mile in another woman’s bra cup.

About the Author

Edited by author Sarah Darmody. Sarah had her breasts removed at age 29 and is an ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Contributors include Marian Keyes, Monica McInerney, Jools Oliver, Adele Parks, Maggie Alderson, Kate Holden, Sarah MacDonald, Sinead Moriarty, Fiona McIntosh, Kathy Lette, Mia Freedman, Kaz Cooke and many more.

Thanks for the Mammaries by Sarah Darmody


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