The Case for Working with Your Hands, Matthew B. Crawford

Why some jobs offer fulfilment while others leave us frustrated?

Why do a large majority of us see our working selves as separate from our ‘true’ selves?

One of the fall outs of working in the twentieth century is the separation of mental work from manual labour, replacing the workshop with either the office cubicle or the factory line.

In this inspiring and persuasive book, Matthew Crawford explores the dangers of this false distinction and presents instead the case for working with your hands.

He brings to life the immense psychological and intellectual satisfactions of making and fixing things, explores the moral benefits of a technical education.

Drawing on the work of great thinkers from Aristotle to Karl Marx, as well as on his own experiences as an electrician and motorcycle mechanic, Crawford delivers a radical, timely and extremely enjoyable re-evaluation of our attitudes to work.

So if you see yourself in the need of working with your hands in the real world plane with no immediate projects, PLEASE do stop by Goobes as we have stacks of boxes of books (yes stacks of BOXES of books) that need sorting!

The Case for Working with Your Hands, Matthew B. Crawford


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