Georg Letham, Physician and Murderer, a 1931 Title – Ernst Weiss

Georg Letham our chief protagonist is a physician and bacteriologist who finds himself in a state of desperation. He is married to a rich woman who he does not love and is broke as his clinic is suffering as his primary focus has been a toxin that causes scarlet fever. In a spontanious yet planned act he murders his wife and is caught after confessing to his father.

What sets this novel apart is that Letham is a man at arms with himself as he introspects in silence his gruesome acts while he continues slashing and gashing with a burning passion.

Truly an intriguing and thought provoking read to be considered as essential for literary fiction with a penchant to the “darker” side of our human condition.

Georg Letham, Physician and Murderer, a 1931 Title -  Ernst Weiss

Ernst Weiss (1882–1940), born in Brunn, Austria spoke and wrote in German. He was a trained physician and surgeon. He met Kafka in Berlin in 1913, and was convinced to write full-time. Weiss, a Jew, committed suicide in Paris when the Nazis entered the city in 1940.


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