The Late Hector Kipling – David Thewlis

How often do you come across a book that makes you fall off your chair laughing out aloud? A sharp, brilliant story that maintains a marvelous sense of wit, along with being dead-on accurate at nailing the inner angst of the artist (all wannabe artists in the making should not take a pass on this one).

Thewlis’s take on contemporary art and the contemporary art scene is quite entertaining. This darkly intelligent debut suggests that Thewlis might meet with considerable success should he decide to quit acting and take up the pen full-time.

Our protagonist London artist Hector Kipling paints huge canvases dominated by a single head. He’s doing well, but he’s not nearly as famous as his best friend, conceptualist Lenny Snook. Taken up by jealousy, Hector believes that Lenny made it with stolen ideas. As Hector struggles to cope with an absent girlfriend, his parents’ insane expenditures and a vandal attacking his most valuable painting, things begin to go very wrong indeed. Anyone who enjoys a thought-provoking analysis of modern art by a knowledgeable writer and an inescapably doomed but appealing hero.

The late hector kipling - Hector Thewlis


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