Tarantula by Thierry Jonquet

Lafargue a plastic surgeon (aka) Mygale to his partner/prisoner in a bedroom in his chateau. Mygale takes Eve to cocktail parties and turn tricks, in fettish garb while he lies watching through a one way mirror.

A blend of Sade and Sartre, a book which deserves respect and repulsion. A delicious tale with more twists than a croissant which could leave a bad aftertaste on the fact that Jonquet main source of inspiration is the newspaper which shows the “barbarity of the world we live in”

Reason enough to stop reading the papers?

Tarantula by Thierry Jonquet


One thought on “Tarantula by Thierry Jonquet

  1. Gender bender crime ending? LOL!

    Reason enough to quit reading the papers? Stopped earlier last year already… could not agree with you more… 🙂

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